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Masculinity at any age
AndroTiv – a biologically active dietary supplement intended for balancing the man’s hormonal system, for treating prostate, improving the erection and the libido, and for protection from the damages of age.
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What is it AndroTiv?

AndroTiv is a natural supplement, providing the nutrients needed for the hormonal balance of a man. AndroTiv improves the sexual function and successfully treats prostate problems (such as a rise in PSA values, frequent urinating), sleep disorders, alopecia, motivation decrease, premature ejaculation, obesity, irritability, fatigue, fever, osteoporosis, memory and vision impairments.
AndroTiv contains bioflavonoids, astaxanthin, lycopene, chrysin and more.

Why do men need AndroTiv?

From the age of 30, hormonal changes occur in the male body. Their signs become evident at the age of 40, which is reflected in decline of life quality, dysfunction and development of diseases. The causes of these changes are: increase in testosterone level related to different molecules (which isn’t useful for the man’s health), decrease of the free testosterone (which is important for the man’s health), and a rise in estrogen, these causing major difficulties. These factors are leading to libido decrease, damage to the heart and vessels, obesity, osteoporosis and premature aging.
AndroTiv helps to inhibit these processes, converts the related testosterone into a free one, increases the level of testosterone, which is important for the man’s health and prevents it from turning into estrogen.
Taking hormones for erection (artificial and natural alike) causes cumulative damage.
AndroTiv helps the body to produce the important hormones on its own.

The benefits of AndroTiv

  • Balancing the disruptions in the hormonal system.
  • Improves the libido and erection at any age (even for people who were compromised due to medications).
  • Preventing and treating prostate problems: frequent urinating, prostatitis, enlarged prostate, high PSA level (index for chances to develop cancer).
  • Natural anti-aging treatment for men – reduces the age damage.
  • Improves sleep quality.
  • Prevents mental and physical fatigue, decreased motivation, memory impairment and sense of agedness.
  • Improves fertility and provides treatment against premature ejaculation.

AndroTiv is recommended for any man as a part of the daily nutrition. The desired results are achieved one the hormonal balance is restored, and they last for a long time.
General usage guidelines: 2-3 capsules per day.
Composition: extraction of palm fruit, flax seed extract, passion fruit extract, açaí palm extract, astaxanthin, lycopene, pumpkin seed extract.


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