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MemoTiv – for memory and concentration enhancement and the treatment of attention disorders Forward-looking natural medicine MemoTiv – a natural and effective nutritional supplement for treating memory problems, cognitive decline and decreased concentration and attentiveness.
MemoTiv improves learning ability for all ages.

Did you know?

  • Memory is the brain’s ability to encode, store and retrieve information.
  • Memory and learning are connected.
  • There are three types of memory: sensory memory, short-term or working memory and long-term memory.
  • Most people in their third and forth decades of their lives complain of slight memory loss, especially with regard to names.
  • In their fifth and sixth decades, people experience memory impairment.
  • In the seventh and eighth decades forgetfulness occurs more frequently.
  • Causes of memory loss: aging, dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), strokes or transient ischemic attacks (TIA), degenerative diseases, head injuries, alcohol and drug abuse, the use of certain medications.
  • AD is the leading cause of dementia (memory loss) in the world. Alzheimer affects mental abilities, memory, language and cognition.


  • Improves memory skills for all ages.
  • Improves learning ability and concentration.
  • Helps in the treatment of attention disorders, ADD and ADHD. Balances attention, concentration and focus.
  • Important for pupils and students – helps improve memory skills, concentration and learning ability before and during exams.
  • Treats age-related memory and cognitive impairments (including Alzheimer’s).


MemoTiv contains unique bioactive ingredients that balance all memory mechanisms, from more balanced conduction in the nervous system to significantly enhancing learning abilities, and memory storage and retrieval.
Boosts inter-cell communication in the brain by increasing the number of receptor areas, resulting in more effective information absorption and retrieval. Improves the output of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter for proper memory function.
MemoTiv contains phospholipids essential for balanced brain cell function. MemoTiv – for the treatment of attention and concentration disorders, ADD and ADHD.

Directions for use

The Problem/Condition Dosage Children: Age 6-12 with attention and concentration problems, ADD and ADHD: up to ½ tablet daily.
It is recommended to start with ¼ tablet daily, to be taken with food or a drink. It is best taken together with 2 BeauTiv tablets and OligoTiv MAN-CU and LIT.
Age 12 and over: 1 tablet daily. For children with severe behavior problems or hyperactivity, add Stabilium
Adults: For pupils and students – improved memory, concentration and learning abilities: ½-1 tablet daily according to age and as required while studying; or, for 1-3 weeks before exams, together with 2 Beautiv tablets daily.
For prevention of memory impairment: 1 tablet daily with food or drink.
For memory and concentration impairment: 1 tablet daily with food or drink.
For severe memory loss, advanced dementia and Alzheimer’s: 1 tablet daily, together with 3 OmegaTiv tablets, Cell Oxygen 2, T-3, OligoTiv MAN-CO and AUR (gradually, from 1 small tablet to 5 tablets daily, twice a day).


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