Tofu is one of the vegetable protein sources one can find and is rich with the is one of the best so, calcium, iron, essential amino acids vitamins: C, B1, B2, B6, A, E, folate and niacin lecithin and polyunsaturated fats. Tivoni produces Tofu of the highest quality using innovative technology and green production practices.

Tivoni produces Tofu in 5 wonderful flavors: Tofu Natural – Tofu has the unique feature of absorbing tastes from other foods, use this flavor in every dish you want to enrich. Tofu cumin – The cumin gives an authentic touch and a middle eastern taste. Tofu olives – Olives are one of nature’s most valuable source of quality unsaturated fats. Tofu pepper – puts a bit of color into your dish Tofu dill – tofu dill is all about the thrill.

Tivoni’s Tofu is a unique player in its field – It is of the highest production quality and preserves for up to 6 months. It has a special taste ( in contrast to usual Tofu which has no taste) and no daily soaking is required.


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