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T-6: natural nutrition focusing on restoration of cell and immune system function.
T-6: helps damaged cells (such as cancerous cells) to return to normal activity, by restoring the DNA and cell division balance.
T-6: contributes to balanced production of NK cells.
Today, a growing number of researchers regard T-6 as a solution for many serious diseases, and as prevention and treatment of other diseases.
T-6 is recommended by doctors all over the world for treatment of diseases such as: different forms of cancer, cardiovascular and liver disorders, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and kidney stones.

What is T-6?

T-6 is produced from full cereals in a unique process.
T-6 contains a special composition of natural components that are essential for normal cell activity. These components include: Inositol, calcium, magnesium, riboflavin 5, IP6 and its derivatives: IP3, IP 4, IP5 and more.

Did you know?

Researches demonstrate that the product has no side-effects, even when very high dosages are used. According to clinical research, T-6 greatly improves the efficiency of chemotherapy and other medical treatments, and has no contra-indications with them.
Everyone wants to maintain good health at every age. Prevention is better than cure. Start a new routine and start the day with Cell Oxygen and T-6 for optimal balance and health.


  • It is recommended to take T-6 on an empty stomach (at least one hour before or after a meal) and to divide the daily dose into two. You may start with one quarter of the daily quantity, and reach the recommended dose within three days.
  • Mix the product with a glass of cold or tepid water and drink. The product has a pleasant taste, therefore it does not require flavoring.
  • Keep the product closed, in a cool and dark place (may be refrigerated).


  • Enhances quality of life and delays ageing – as part of the comprehensive treatment.prevent serios diseases
  • Prevents serious diseases
  • Prevents and treats cancer (also important during chemotherapy and radiation) , together with cell oxygen and caretiv
  • Improves insulin performance in diabetics: helps to improve the balance and reduces the damage caused by diabetes .
  • Prevents and treats cardiovascular diseases.
  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • Improves activity of our NK cells.
  • Prevent formation of kidney stones.
  • Treats and prevents osteoporosis- contains a large quantity of high quality and available calcium- 520 mg per teaspoon
  • Treats serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s, pneumonia, fibrosis, anemia, (and in particular, reduces the damage caused by sickle cell anemia, together with Cell Oxygen and CarTiv) T6 is suitable for all ages, for children and adults- for maintenance and for treatment of many diseases.


T-6 contributes to normal cell growth, development and multiplication and improves inter-cell communication.
Many clinical researches conducted by doctors all over the world demonstrate that integrating Inositol, IP6 and the other T-6 components help to restrict excess division of the cells, by functional balance of the DNA and removal of the damaged cells (apoptosis).
T-6 blocks and neutralizes the activities of cancerous cells, does not damage healthy cells and contributes to their activities – unlike chemotherapy and radiation which damage all cells, without distinction.


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